Our à la carte menu


All starters are served with bread

All starters can be ordered as a main course + 5.00


Soup of the day                                                      7.25


Salad with feta and beetroot   V                       9.50
served with honey mustard sauce


Salad caprese  V                                                    12.50
with tomato, mozzarella and basil

Salad with Serrano ham, peach and ricotta 13.50


Carpaccio                                                                13.50
freshly sliced from Black Angus beef with arugula, Parmesan cheese,
pine nuts and pesto dressing


Salad with smoked salmon                               14.50
served with herb dressing


Trio of fish                                                              17.50
tuna, smoked salmon, shrimp croquette served on salad



Side dishes


Mixed green salad                                                3.75

Burgundian bread with herb butter                4.50

French fries                                                             4.75

Potatoes from the oven                                      4.75

Daily fresh vegetable mix                                    4.75

mayonnaise, ketchup                                           0.75

Main Courses

Vegetarian quiche with gorgonzola   V                                 18.50


Tagliatelle with shrimps and spicy red sauce                      19.50


Dorade fillet served with bok choy, carrots                         23.50
and noilly prat sauce


Pork tenderloin with cêpès sauce                                          23.50     


Beef tenderloin skewer                                                           26.50        
with teriyaki sauce


Lamb chops                                                                                   27.50                             

with bulgur and rosemary garlic sauce


Beef tournedos                                                                            36.50
with ‘beurre Maitre d’hotel’



Orange chocolate mousse                                                        7.75

Sorbet                                                                                             9.75
sorbet ice cream with fresh fruit and whipped cream

Rebellious white lady                                                                 9.75
chocolate moelleux with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Pajamas                                                                                          13.75
tasting of various dessert dishes

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