Lunch Map Hotel-Restaurant
Het Rechthuis

  lunch is served between 12 and 5 pm

Flaguette is a 100 grams oven baked white, light floured bread

Flaguette France
Crispy flaguette with brie, crème fraiche, Arugula, pine nuts
and Sun-dried tomato
 freshly baked, and served with salad garnish
€ 5.95

Flaguette Italia
Warm crispy flaguette with olive tapenade, mozzarella and salami
freshly baked, and served with salad garnish
€ 6.50

Hollandia Flaguette
Crispy flaguette with warm ham served with mustard sauce
 freshly baked, and served with salad garnish
€ 7.25

Viking bread
Square Swedish white roll
topped with smoked salmon and chive cream cheese
served with salad garnish
€ 7.25

Club sandwich
Italian roll topped with fried egg, bacon, and smoked chicken
freshly baked, and served with salad garnish
€ 8.95

Freshly baked Brown roll with country ham or cheese
served with salad garnish
€ 4.25


Creamy tomato soup
€ 5.95

Mustard soup with croutons
€ 5.95

Soup of the day; Daily price

All these freshly made soups are served with a roll


All salads are served with bread

Greek Choriatiki, farmer salad with cucumber, tomato, red union and feta cheese
€ 11,50 

Meal salad with smoked chicken, Croutons, Sud ‘n Sol tomatoes and pesto dressing
€ 12.50

Meal salad carpaccio with pesto dressing, Sud ‘n sol tomatoes, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese
€ 13.50

Smoked salmon salad with red union compote and a dill-yogurt dressing
€ 14.50

Hot dishes

 Omelette with ham and/or cheese
€ 8.50

Fried eggs with ham and/or cheese
3 eggs on 3 slices of bread served with salad garnish
€ 8.95

Two beef croquettes of Grandma Bobs with bread or French fries
€ 7.50

Two Dutch shrimps croquettes of Grandma Bobs with bread or French fries
€ 9.50

Sateh skewer with yakatori 
Skewered fried chicken with stir fry vegetables, pasta and soy sauce
€ 12.50

Dutch giant hamburger
Homemade beef hamburger with cheese, bacon and fried egg
between a Giant roll served with chips and a fresh salad
€ 13.50

Pasta di casa
Penne pasta with Meatballs in tomato sauce
served with grated Parmesan cheese and a fresh salad
€ 14.50

Pork Sateh
180 Gr. skewered pork with sateh sauce, prawn crackers-tjampoer, prawn crackers and chips
€ 16.50

Ask for our day specialty
daily price

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